Info on 'Reason for visit' templates

Does anybody have any information on the purpose and use of the ‘reason for visit’ templating functions that appear when you double click on the ‘Reason for visit’ text area in a new encounter form?

I can’t tell if I’m using the wrong search terms or what, but I can’t find any info at all on this.
Best- Harley

here’s the specific commit that we may need to use in other areas:

or can take Jerry’s suggestion and remove the input[type=‘text’] there

Thx for that, Stephen-
So am I correct that using templates in that ‘reason for visit’ window is only to augment the display of the reason for the visit? I.e., a template made here isn’t used in Document templates, or in the NationNotes or CAMOS modules?

Anywhere in encounters i.e encounter forms that has a textarea is available to the Text Notes.
The difference between Nation Notes and Text Notes is T.N only allows text with no html or other stylings unless normally allowed in a text box.
The feature allows user to set up a set of canned messages along with all the other convenience feature of NN(Problem/Issues, Meds etc).
So if a form is loaded in the encounter context then Text Notes is available.

Turn it off at

This is actually a pretty popular feature once you get the hang of setting up templates which I know I could improve if motivated enough. You know a pecan pie, fried chicken or lobster. You get the idea!

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This looks really handy, provides what so many usrs request with the ‘dot text/ phrase’ capability, and then some.
I feel a wiki page getting added to my to-do list!
Best- Harley

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This is a very handy information. Thanks.