In the demo is there a way for me to view a ready made lab result?

i want to see what a lab result look like? where do i view it in the demo

if not can anyone guide me on how to create a lab result?
i am also interested at the database schema of the lab result. if anyone can point me to the erd or something then that would be great

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What you are asking for is difficult to do a demo of because it would require some setup.

If you follow these instructions, you should be all to build and test the lab feature.

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i tried following the guide here(see below). but i got stuck when i create procedure order. i dont know where that menu item is. “Using the Procedure in an Encounter”

can i also ask what an encounter is?

Hello Folks-

As @juggernautsei mentioned, the demos don’t have an example of procedures/ lab orders because it takes appx 15 - 20 minutes of solid data entry to arrive at a display of the results. And then the config is wiped out when the demo gets reset every night…

@needywierdo - Welcome to the community, I hope you’ll find it supportive and helpful!
Labs are configured in the Procedures module, since labs are one of the procedures it manages. Procedures can be very complex to configure because they are designed to be used for all procedure orders such as x-rays, ultrasounds etc, not only labs. Hence the procedure design requirements for recursive multiple ‘tier’ / multiple tests. And thanks for that link, it has another good example of the results display and the complete process of how to configure procedures.

The page you linked to does show the main menu locations as they appear in the current demo when logged in as an admin; the procedures menu item is along the top in the main menu (see 1st pic below). If that’s not the menu item you can’t find, which one do you refer to? Are you logged in as an admin? Non- admin users can’t configure procedures so won’t be shown the procedures menu item.

‘Encounter’ is the term used throughout OpenEMR for an appointment, or a patient visit. It consists of all the tasks performed from the time a patient is checked in for their appointment, to when they check out. Encounter workflows are displayed on different forms depending on the nature of the task. For example, clinical activities are displayed on the ‘encounter form’ or ‘encounter summary form’ which is the data collection form that carries a summary of all the treatment activities conducted during the encounter. The 2nd pic below shows an encounter summary form of a past encounter of that demo patient and is accessed from within that patient’s record.

Hope that clarifies things somewhat? Sorry if this is Too Much Info; I tend to do that… :slight_smile:
Best- Harley / MI-Squared

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i am using admin user. im talking about this menu. (the link i gave might show up as broken but if you click the broken icon itll show the image in full page)

alternatively you can go to this link

i cant find that anywhere

Hi @needywierdo -
Ah, I see, that’s the encounter menu.
The biggest problem here is that the picture you posted from the wiki document shows OpenEMR 4.x. This is a common problem with OpenEMR documentation: most of it has been written for older versions of OpenEMR, so the look of the module or functionality is usually very different from the current release. However if you look at the screen elements that are present- the text labels, the clickable objects, etc, they will be the same, just with different themes and layouts. And depending on one’s particular EMR configuration the contents of menus and other objects may be different from others’.

So-- if you look at my 2nd pic above it shows the same location inside a patient’s encounter form, just one click away from the pic in the documentation.

To get there do these steps. I’m using todays demo (eight.openemr linked in my previous post).

  1. Open a patient record: on the EMR main menu: Patient/ Client then select a patient. In the demo Phil has a complete record so is a good one to use.


  1. At the top of the record above the dashboard click ‘View past encounters’ and select the one there.

  2. This puts you in the encounter summary form for that encounter. At the top is the encounter menu. Click ‘Administrative’ and see the ‘Procedure Order’ menu item, as in the wiki page image.

Note: The encounter menu is where a provider orders a procedure which will be associated with this encounter- it’s considered one of the treatments rendered to the patient during this appointment. To configure procedures the EMR admin works from the main menu ‘Procedures’ item shown in the first pic in my previous post.
Best- Harley

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I can’t really tell if you finally found the procedure order result you were looking for. In section 6 of the wiki page previously linked,
at the bottom is the section
it has:
6 Using the Procedure in an Encounter
6.1 Order the Procedure
6.2 Review Procedure Results

As mentioned, the documentation is for OpenEMR 4.x so the screen objects and their layout look rather different from the ones seen in v6+ but they should all be present and recognizable.
Good luck- Harley


Just for people’s benefits we do have procedures populated in the Meaningful Use 3 Demos Though there might be a bug right now or it is using a different administrator password to login as I just tried logging in. Perhaps @brady.miller might know what’s going on there.

@adunsulag , was able to log into those demos via the admin user. Those credentials aren’t public since planned to use those for testing. We could definitely create a demo though that has some lab stuff in there. Just need the capsule :slight_smile: