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Importing DICOM files

Hello OpenEMR community! I have been able to import DICOM images (including multi-acquisition sequences from MRIs using zip files) with the method described by @ivmartel and @sjpadgett. But this method does not include patient demographic data, or information about the image acquisition parameters, both very important for clinical use. I have used other DICOM import software where this information is read from the dicomdir and transferred along with the images. I am currently using v5.0.2. Is it possible to transfer this additional information to OEMR?

Hi, @pcgarell,
This project is active however, noone is working. I have researched pulling embedded info from images themselves for display but not reading separate image info that generally reside with DICOM image downloads. Still I believe each image has necessary info embedded as well.

The underlying viewer parses the DICOM meta data and can show it (as for example here). This needs to be integrated in the OpenEMR viewer, not sure if this can be part of future plans.

Hi @ivmartel, Good to here from you again. Yep, I plan to add the meta parse to existing and also add a version for web dicom api support. I like the idea of have the local file support we have now so, it’s not going anywhere. I just need to make more robust dealing with both a file directory structure and zip.

I’m also considering redoing viewer using react…