Import XML files from PHIMail

Welp, I have my PHImail working and I have a bunch of XML files in my message listing waiting for a patient to attach them to.
However, since I can’t read the XML files, I don’t know which patient to assign them to.

Does anyone have a method to parse those XML files into patient charts automagically, or at least review them for chart assignment?

And… help with import would be nice too! All I know is if they are put into the “CCR” folder and I try to import, I get an “Authentication Error”

Thank you in advance!

@Mark_Sarnov I made a number of changes to the phimail stuff that will at least let you open the file without having a patient assigned. I did this in preparation for our h1 certification (Direct mail send/receive) which we just passed on Tuesday. You can see the PR here: Openemr fix #5220 direct send attachment by adunsulag · Pull Request #5226 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

If you want to hot patch this on your local system, look at the changes in interface/main/messages/messages.php.

Other changes I made now let you send a trusted direct message without needing a file attachment (IE secure email for providers or patients with direct email addresses). You can also now send any document file that’s been uploaded to the system via phimail.

As for the errors with the CCR import, I’m not sure what is going on there.

Thank you for the info.
As far as “hot patching”, do I have to download your messages.php and replace the exisiting file on my server, or do I perform a “diff” command between the files and then “patch -p0…”.
I don’t want to bork my system!