Implement FHIR Questionnaires in Portal via Portal templating

As a start to full implementation of FHIR API Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse resources I’ve decided to work out the Questionnaire rendering and save as both the FHIR resource for API and answers for internal analytics perhaps useful for CDR engine.

@mdsupport put me onto an excellent project to make this much easier to implement namely the NIH projects starting with the rendering engine at LHC-Forms: A Form-Rendering Widget

The basic integration for this is creating new tables like questionnaire repository, questionnaire responses and answers.

For the portal attempt I’ve added a new directive e.g.{Questionnaire:name,id etc} to render questionnaire by questionnaire name, id or a server url API request which setups an import of a canned default template for questionnaire that adds the appropriate dependencies and questionnaire json for rendering and retrieving answers.

I’ll do a more detailed explanation soon after I finish the audit in Dashboard. However currently I’m rendering in portal so, very close for portal. Then will be moving on to a SMART App and the FHIR recourses APIs.

Comments certainly welcome and sorry for initial limited details.

A couple screenshots of two of my testing questionnaires and hopefully some folks will start putting together some questionnaires they’d like included as our standard questionnaires.

For some initial instructions please see: Questionnaire/Assessment feature implementation instructions


The new portal Profiles and Group template assignments are working really well. Actually kind of a cool feature to toot my own horn.:slight_smile:

I also have questionnaire and assessments importing and auto creating everything needed to render in portal(auto creates a document template by questionnaire id) plus saving off the imported questionnaire to Questionnaire repository for other workflows such as FHIR API.(meaning questionnaire by object/array or json importing is complete)
Real easy to import and use with hundreds of pre made FHIR and PRO Questionnaires/Assessments available.

I’m really excited about this feature and can’t wait to do a FHIR SMART app for same.

You all see, there is life after ONC certification! :slight_smile:


PR can be view at:
The current PR allows creating and rendering questionnaires however saving will come in later PR. I wanted to get the create and render in so we can test and hopefully some will come up with example forms we can add to default FHIR repository to make available in next patch and/or release.

Apparently this hasn’t stirred much interest with 53 views and only 3 likes and no suggestions or comments. I wonder if documenting progress is worth the effort!

I will start a new instructional thread as a how to and plan a developer question/answer zoom session in the future.

Hi Jerry,

Despite the lack of obvious interest - this is a big deal, and I think once folks see it they will warm very quickly.
I will certainly test and look forward to your instructional thread!

Cheers, Simon

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Thanks Simon and yes I think it’s a big deal too!:slight_smile: Anyway some rough instructions to get folks started at Questionnaire/Assessment feature implementation instructions

I will most likely bring PR in tonight so it will be available on our dev demo tomorrow.

Remember this PR does not allow save yet which I’m still debating how I’ll store questionnaire responses.

Definitely a very big deal. I want this ))

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Implementation for dynamic LOINC panels/questionnaire import from NIH to create and or register encounter questionnaire forms. See PR which is ready to merge in dev branch and will be available next day or two. I plan to bring this back to v7 branch for next patch.

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This is now fully implemented and I’m working on creating for next patch in a few days.

A glimpse at management from Portal Dashboard. User can Create portal questionnaire document using Upload or Questionnaire Repository that will also be tied to API endpoints for Questionnaire Resources.

The same can be done from encounters. To test this out until patch is done go to our development demos: Development Demo - OpenEMR Project Wiki and from encounter select New Questionnaire under Questionnaires menu then try a LOINC panel import.

Very interested in feedback. Also curious how well it goes based on the limited instructions I’ve posted so far.

This is a most welcome, and appreciated, upgrade. Looking forward to implementing it with the patch.

Cheers, Simon

Did the API endpoints get done?

Soon @censon
Currently I’m working on tasking assessments/documents with notifications and @adunsulag is working a SMART app to render. For this, the endpoints are essential.
My hope is by patch 2 for v701.

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