Image Canvas in LBF with background from patient image records

(Jeremiah Ocasio) #1

I’m looking at adding in the ability to draw on images for visit forms and just wanted to see if anyone had done this as of yet.

If not any suggestions on the loading of images from patient records as background image for the canvas would be much appreciated. Ill submit this to group after I test out a working version.

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

See this thread and its answers to see if this is what you are looking for …

(Jeremiah Ocasio) #3

I’ve seen that before but what Im looking for is selection of image from the Form itself that allows for setting the background to any image in the patient file. Right now the described setup would only allow for the loading of a pre-set image file rather than choosing the image to use as background while in form. I’m thinking that the only method I could do is have a pre-set image file name that is saved to a designated folder in the patient record. This would cause the issue of only having the one image to use in the patient record per form and the possibility that the user would be able to overwrite that record possibly causing issues.

(Erik Pampalone) #4

I agree, this would be a good addition.

(Jeremiah Ocasio) #5

I’ve setup a Test system that allows for 1 to 1 image capture with a new tab to see if this would work for a full integration after. Its working right now with having the form image reference saved to the web capture image utility that is working with javascript/php in ipads. Next steps would be to embed the operation in the canvas and then make the images names dynamic without user having to rename per image capture as well as have the form pre set with that name to load the image. Who would be a good person to work with to integrate the in canvas image capture if anyone has been working on it?