I'm not able to install ICD10 in my OpenEMR 5.0.0

I have been trying to install ICD10 in my OpenEMR 5.0.0 in openEMR 5.0.0 but got disappointed by the error below. I have hosted my EMR in a shared server. Kindly help. Thanks.

ERROR: query failed: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘/tmp/ICD10/2017_I10gem.txt’ INTO TABLE icd10_gem_dx_10_9 FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘’ (@var) SET revision = 0, dx_icd10_source = trim(Substring(@var, 1, 7)),dx_icd9_target = trim(Substring(@var, 9, 5)),flags = trim(Substring(@var, 15, 5))

Error: The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version

/home/iyompqhj/public_html/clinicinfo/library/standard_tables_capture.inc at 363:sqlStatement
/home/iyompqhj/public_html/clinicinfo/interface/code_systems/standard_tables_manage.php at 102:icd_import(ICD10)

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.0

I’m using Google Chrome

Operating System
I’m using Windows 10.

hi @Quantice, try admin->other->External data loads to install the icd10 version native to 5.0.0

to upgrade to latest release see this 2019 ICD10 Update

@stephenwaite I had followed the process of installation before posting here for help. The error I have highlighted above still persists. Do you think there is any other way? Thank you.

hi @Quantice ,

Some shared hosting services do not allow LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE command. See the section here for when that is the case:
(there is a link to a text file there that you’ll need to import into your database; note this ICD10 code set is from about 4 years ago, but at least you’ll have something)


thanks @Quantice, @brady.miller , here’s a link for the sql import for 2019, https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgxdmw51r2w3one/icd10_oe.zip?dl=0

@brady.miller @stephenwaite I honestly thank you. Let me try all when I’m successful I will let you know.

@brady.miller and @stephenwaite Kindly receive my honest thanks, I’m sorted. Thank you again.

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