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Identity card option

Pls is there any option of printing patient hospital identity card from openemr?

Hi, can you be a bit more specific? What information do you need printed exactly?

It’s the patient visit card with his name, hospital no as provided by the software, picture, our hospital logo and maybe some few more patient identifier details. Some EMR software even have barcode option to scan and patient record is displayed.

hi @Nour, there’s the building blocks of what you’re looking for, for sure. When you select a patient you can go to Popups on the top navigation menu and generate a bar code for instance.

Ok that is beautiful. But what use is the barcode if I have to search for the patient manually? Of any option of simply scanning the code and search for the patient automatically start?

it’s coming, believe there’s some barcode/qr scanner talk in development

Wow. Pls let it come. If it will incorporate fingerprint scanner that will be the final. At least the commonest fingerprint if possible. Thanks.

How do you handle fingerprints now?

Do you already have a USB fingerprint scanner like this?

You could save a fingerprint into a patient’s documents directory.

No we have digital persona. Used it with openmrs. It loads patient details on scanning instead of manual searching.

Is this it?

This might make a nice google summer of code project.