Identify Master tables and Patient tables

How do I identify OpenEMR master tables vs. patient tables?

Hi @Pylonix,

You can Identify Master and Patient tables in OpenEMR by the following key aspects:

Master Table:

Master tables in OpenEMR store reference data, configuration settings, and static information. They are used for controlling and configuring the application’s behavior. “list_options” table in OpenEMR is one of the Master Table.

Patient Table:

On the other hand, Patient tables are dedicated to storing patient-specific data, including demographics, medical history, clinical notes, appointments, and billing details. “patient_data” table in OpenEMR is one of the Patient Table.

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We just recently finished a ONC certification requirement that we had to go and document all of our patient tables. Its now bundled with the latest openemr development versions. You can see the documentation on one of the development demos here:

The relationships tab will be very helpful as its an ERD diagram.

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