Icd9, icd10 not modifiable in oemr5

have just installed the openemr 5 using xammp.
i went to external data loads under administration to install both icd 9 and 10.
but under codes submodule of administration module, icd 9 and 10 are not modifiable but others codes are.
Please house, what could the issue be.
Please help out.

when you use the external load you give up the ability to manually adjust since they are stored in separate tables from codes

Hello Stephen,
thanks for your response.
but in oemr 4.2, which i still have on my system, i manually modifiy icd 9 and 10.please see the attached pix where i manually modify Typhoid meningitis standard price

what does your admin->lists->code types look like?

Hi @aterad and @stephenwaite ,

To clarify, when using external ICD9/ICD10, you should still be able to set stuff (ie. pricing, fees, category, reporting flags etc in the Administration->Codes gui); you just can’t modify the actual Code or Description(s).


ok, thanks @brady.miller, looks like a bug

it pulls up a type but shows nothing else

opened an issue

Hi @aterad and @stephenwaite ,

This is working in the development codebase on the demos. I think this was the fix:

(btw, it’s a really simple fix and could see if it works on your OpenEMR 5.0.0 instance)

I am surprised I didn’t schedule that to go into the 5.0.0 patch. Will make sure that fix gets into next patch.


Actually, looked it up and it is already scheduled to get into a 5.0.0 patch; just haven’t been able to get a normal 5.0.0 patch out for awhile.

cool, thanks, could’ve sworn tested the dev demos…

Thanks for your response.
Its working now. thanks to the bug fix link you gave.

Thanks for your contribution.
Its appreciated.