I want to copy date calender of openemr

Hello Everyone,

I have made a custom tab in admin section I have a date field in this but I want to copy the same date functionality which is in DOB field of Patient->New/Search tab.

Please help me in this.

Thank You

Hello @Arjun_Singh
Details, please?
How is the custom tab coded? Is it a LBF or php form?
I am not a dev, but I believe that you might probably need to code the custom DOB field to read the database for the demographics of the current patient. I do not know php so can’t advise on that.
However, some of this info on customizing an LBF (specifically Demographics) may be useful:

But I suspect you’ll need to custom code with php.
Best- Harley

Thank you @htuck
But I need to code for that, need help in this.
for new tab I just add the new list to standard.json and give the path of my php file.
Just for now I need a date field in this and I will be have the same functionality as a mention above.
means the calendar they are using for choose the date.