I can't change the logo in openEMR 6.0 (3)

Hi everyone,
I have been trying to change the logo in openEMR 6. I have replaced the logo-logo.svg, but it is totally out of order, with different sizes, that is, it does not adapt to the screen. Try with online converters, even modifying the original with Adobe Illustrator, and the same thing happens. It is as if it removed the properties of the .svg.
Is there a step by step guide to be able to be successful changing the logo?
Thank you

I have already solved. Surely the page that I used to convert from .jpeg to .svg did not do it well. With the latest version of illustrator, I re-recorded the images with the Flex and embed option and I was able to fix it.



Hi guys,

I want to do a logo swap as well. I know how to resize my logo to fit the params of the old Snake & Wings logo and how to do the substitution, but my question is now that the AWS Cloud versions have been Dockerized, what is/are the proper location(s) to make the swap? My containerized instance of OpenEMR7 gives me the 5 locations of the logo listed below. I realize I need to become more familiar with Docker and perhaps its just a matter of being logged into the proper container to make the swap. Please advise and thanks in advance.

Logo locations






Hi, HD. You’re looking in the wrong place entirely – you’ve found the container layers on the host machine and they’re emphatically not what you want to interfere with.

Use docker cp to copy files in and out of a container, and use docker exec to connect to a container to more directly administer its contents. See openemr-devops/packages/lightsail at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub for some general notes.

Postscript: Lately I’ve been testing patches for somebody. He makes the patched module available as a zip on his website, and then I…

  • From the host, connect to the container with docker exec
  • wget the patch zip directly into the container without staging it on the host and copying it in
  • examine the patch (make sure the paths line up and they’re what I expect)
  • unzip the patch in place, right into my 6.1.0 container

Since I’m just testing this stuff, I’m not even using a Linux machine – I’ve got Docker Desktop installed on my desktop and I’m driving it from VS Code. Right-click my 6.1.0 docker-compose.yml file and up it, then click the Docker icon on the sidebar, pick the openemr container and connect a shell directly to it without leaving VSCode, and then follow the procedure above.

Ok, thank you for this info, I will try to follow it. I’m literally in the process of learning Docker.