I Am OpenEMR Campaign

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #1

Calling all users and developers of OpenEMR, we want to hear from you! We would like to know why you use or contribute to OpenEMR, what impacts the community has made on you, and why others should be get involved. Please reply to this thread, or, if you’d rather reach out to me privately you can message me.

I’ll start the discussion…

I joined the community several years ago because I was studying to be a nurse and wanted to use my software development skills to use on a project related to my passion for health care. As the years went by I began to become quite passionate about healthcare in developing nations; having been on a couple of medical mission trips outside of the US I saw first-hand how OpenEMR can benefit at-risk populations.

Today, as a nurse and healthcare IT professional I continue to contribute to OpenEMR because I value open-source software and believe this community can provide a valuable tool for improving patient care around the world.

I can’t wait to hear all the stories from members of our community!

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #4

(ViSolve) #6

Customization! Customization !! and Customization!!!

NO one size fits All!

(Matthew Vita) #7

Why you use or contribute to OpenEMR

I contribute to OpenEMR because I believe that open source and healthcare IT work well together. OpenEMR challenges the commonly held belief that EHRs come with a high price tag and cannot be changed.

What impacts the community has made on you

As a person that helps to lead OpenEMR projects as well as provide volunteer support, I have been privileged to work with folks from many different cultures. The OpenEMR community is filled with non-developers and developers alike, striving for software excellence.

Why others should be get involved

It is easy to start contributing so that value is generated for OpenEMR users. There are a myriad of exciting projects to jump into and, if you are a developer, we have an easy Docker solution to get the system up and running very quickly.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #8

As a IT hardware professional, I was asked by a client to help them locate an affordable system. I found OpenEMR in a medical journal online. I checked it out and was able to install it on a local server for the client.

Once, I began to dig into the software and see the power in being able to change it to fit the needs of each client individually. That lead me down the path of learning to write code.

The community is very diverse and it fit into my nature of helping people. It’s not always about money. So, I joined the community and started answering questions to helps other free themselves from boxed software.

It has been a very interesting 8 years and counting.

(Roberto Vasquez) #9

energetic community of volunteers and contributors

(Milen) #10

I am customizing OpenEMR software used at coMra Center in Altai. Unfortunately php+sql is not my forte, so there is a lot of “manual” work involved, especially with translating into Russian and pdf printing which is my current p.i.t.a., e.g. html2pdf does no text justification etc which is not pleasant, but no OpenEMR fault either.

I was impressed by the level of responsiveness of the community, especially Mr Bradley Miller. One does not expect a big boss to be so responsive!

I think that OpenEMR should be supported simply because it is an active open source project and it brings a measure of freedom within the field of health care which is dominated by restrictive corporate rules.