I am not able to see the Weno Admin username field and that's why Weno locations, Patients are not getting sync in Open EMR

Please let me know, Where can I see the Weno admin Username field so that I can see the details.?

Also, In the Background services reports, Weno Log Sync is showing as active. See snapshot:

Hello @himanshuqa0509
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I’m responding to your post not to answer your question but to help you find the answer. Weno has gone through some changes in the past year or so. It used to be maintained by one of the OpenEMR developers but that is no longer the case. I would suggest that you do a search of this forum and see if you can find posts that tell you where to look for support.
The forum search tool is very useful!

As it happens, I work for the vendor of NewCrop eRx which I believe is the only eRx solution that is fully integrated with OpenEMR. If you decide you’d like to discuss our subscriptions I would be pleased to do so. Just DM me from here and I’ll tell you all about it.
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I have configured weno for one of my client please let me know if you want to configuration for same

What version of OpenEMR are you on?

In OpenEMR v7.0.0(2) Head over to
Admin → Globals → Connectors → Weno

@himanshuqa0509 is meaning to be testing the new weno module coming in next patch. He was unaware where to test and is now on the dev demos so, while this is good information, I think he has moved on.
Himanshu Let me know if I’m wrong.

@sjpadgett patch is already available for lates version if you want the patch I can provide you the patch

The feature has been moved to a module to be released in next production patch. It is appearing on our dev demos if you want to take a look.