How top use First name, Last Name format

How to change Last name, First name to First name, Last name in patients and user’s names

Found the solution

This changes the name format in the patient finder. Now we need to change the name format for providers as well. Please advice.

no code needed. If you click on the magnifying glass it will popuate the fields you need:

If you want to change the fields, you can go to Lists and find Patient List Columns

and by editing that you can get a view like this:

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DataTables warning: table id=pt_table - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

quick update
i found out not righting the exact ID resulted in this error. And so i added another column for mobile phone (turned out to be phone_cell instead of the obvious phone_mobile :grinning:) instead of home phone which is used more in our setting.

Still would like to know how to change names in the calendar, to first name last name

Hello Mohamed
How did you fix the Json error?
Could you please explain the step by step to me?.
I have the same problem but it reports to me is: table id=my_data_table - Invalid JSON response


Hello, hope you are great. My error appeared when I edited the patient list columns list in Administration > Forms > Lists
I was trying to change the name format from Lastname Firstname to Firstname Lastname. So i changed the id and title fields so the lists looks like this:

I also wanted to add a mobile phone column so i wrote in the id “phone_mobile” and in the title “mobile phone”, so i got the error “DataTables warning: table id=pt_table - Invalid JSON response”. the id field should have been “phone_cell” so when i changed it the error resolved. SO make sure you write the id fields exactly as they are supposed to be.