How-to Videos

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #1

Exciting news - we’ve launched a YouTube channel! Beyond creating great software, a big goal of OpenEMR is making sure our users know how to use the software. Because of this, we’ve begun rolling out new training videos. These tutorials will be short and to the point; no need to take a 3-hour course learning how to use the software, instead, you can select “a la carte” approach and watch only what you need.

We are kicking this off with a couple of easy topics, changing the theme and adding a new patient. We published “Adding a New Patient” earlier and you can expect “Changing the Theme” very soon.

Would YOU like to create a training tutorial for the community? If so, reach out to @robert.down - we’d love to use your work.

Also, if you’re not up for making a full video we always need translators - if interested again contact @robert.down and I’ll get you setup.

(Brady Miller) #2

Awesome @robert.down!

Here’s the link for the Youtube channel: