How to use open emr for dental practice

Name of Company
Citizen dental care , egypt

Job Title
G.m and owner

Im new her , im seaking to configure how to use open emr in dental practice

I can’t figure out how to use or to build any form with emr

Im a dentist with no experience in programming and this stuff

Hello @Ahmedebraheem,

you’re officially welcome to OpenEMR.

There are couple of ways you can use to create forms in OpenEMR.

  1. Layout Based Forms (LBF)
  2. Custom forms
    a. XML
    b. HTML & PHP

** LBF doesn’t require programming skills at all though there’s a little learning curve involved. It’ll take a little bit of playing around to be able to get used to. This is approach has limitations to look and feel. It is rigid.
Check out the presentation on LBF by @gutiersa tutorial
Check here for Form Creation Tools

** The custom forms involves programming skills. The level of customization to the look and feel is endless. This definitely requires programming expertise.

Kindly let me know how i can be of help.
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With Layout Based Forms (LBF) you can create a form similar to this:

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