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How to upload ICD-10 codes

Hi all:

I am trying to set up a new install of openemr.
Please point me to instructions on how to upload ICD-10 codes. Do I just do it via the database, or is there a tool? I am no longer familiar with the tables, and I probably should not be messing with them.

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NVM, found it. Here it is in case anyone else has the same quetion:

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Hi. You must place the zip file downloaded in the folder /openemr/contrib/icd10. Then open openemr go to administration / Other / External data load / ICD10 and there follow the steps.

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Hi Folks-
Last I heard both the ICD codesets are included in the OpenEMR release-- you don’t have to place any zip file unless you’re updating the installed codeset. You do for the others- RxNorm, Snomed etc but not for either of the ICD’s.
Rgds- Harley


Does this still apply? My coder was saying that they were missing a new ICD-10 code. How do I know if I have the most updated codes. How do I get the newest codes, if I don’t have them?


if install this(my patch 5 addendum) OpenEMR 5.0.2 Patch

You’ll get the 2020 ICD10 with the patch.
I think when you goto external loads UI it will tell you the version.