How to Totally Remove OpenEMR and Start Over

I tried a while ago to install OpenEMR and never got it running right. Is there a way to delete everything and start over again? I just see a folder c:\xampp. Do I just delete that?

OpenEMR Version
I never was able to get any version running.

I’m using: MS Edge, Chrome, and Brave.

Operating System
I’m using: Win 10 Home Ver: 22H2.

Did you check the logs? Never got far enough to generate logs.

Thanks for the help!

@DJM ,

Just curious what do you mean by you never got it to work? Maybe we can assist you in that aspect.

To answer your question,

deleting Xampp doesn’t uninstall your openemr instance.
Deleting the folder openemr erases it from your system.

If you had a database for OpenEMR that wouldn’t be of use anymore,
launch your xampp control panel and delete the database as well using phpmyadmin.

Use this info from the wiki to make a new installation

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I guess you can wait for experts to answer on your query.

But at a side note, I guess you could have a Virtual PC or a different PC to set up and try again until you get response back from the team.

Or easier way and quick one would be get a AWS free tier set up from AWS Marketplace for OpenEMR Cloud Express Edition.


Hi DJMeyerDJM,

Remove openEmr folder in your directory. Then delete you database. you can refer below link to know about openEmr proper installation guide.