How to stop getting this error pl

How to stop getting this error pl. Each time i edit or add some drug this pop up comes.

@Param_CapMinds pl…

hi @Robert_James it usually means there’s a mismatch with the header row columns and data columns.

ok… how can we rectify it?

need to fix the code probably

If you can tell me where to change the code, i should be able to do.

right click on the table and view frame source, that should be the script

No some change has to be done in mysql.

nah, it’s in the code, will check it out, hardest part is setting up the inventory for testing :slight_smile:

Hi Robert James,
this issue happend for ,mismatch table header row columns and table data columns.
i have face same issue. so i change generateEmptyTd(4) to generateEmptyTd(5) in my interface\drugs\drug_inventory.php file.its working to me.
I attached screenshot for your refrence


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Thanks Param, now its working cool. :slight_smile:

Is this a bug or something custom?