How to show "in house" codes on patient ledger

We have some custom in house codes that we use for billing but don’t send to insurance companies. Items like a no show fee.

If we go to Reports->Financial->Pat Ledger and select the patient and a date period we get a good breakdown of all the charges and credits, except for the inhouse charges.

How do we get the codes for the in house charges to show up in the patient ledger?

Hi @bearzillasquatch
If I had to guess from what you said you’ve omitted a step or two of the process, that would let the system know the codes were to be used as any other legitimate code.

Here’s a link to a wiki page with links to what you’re looking for.

Come on back and ask any questions that may come up!
Best- HT

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@htuck i went back and looked at the instructions you posted. I didn’t do all the steps because all the steps didn’t apply. These aren’t listed in a custom category button on the fee sheet.

I did follow all the instructions for creating the “in house” code type. And my settings for that type are as listed in the instructions.

We can add the codes to the fee sheet without any problems.

The “in house” codes even show up in the billing manager, and they don’t get sent to the clearing house. That part works exactly as it’s supposed to.

I even check the database, the codes are in the “billing” and “ar_activity” table.

But, if i go to the patient ledger and enter the dates and patient info, the “in house” codes don’t show up. Only the cpt4 codes show up.

Hi @bearzillasquatch
Awwww, Maan! That sounds to me like the Ledger was not programmed to look for in-house codes. Which is not surprising since 1) the ledger was added to the OEMR after the original financial modules and 2) In-House codes are totally non-standard codes and there’s no way to tell OpenEMR how to handle them.

If this was COBOL or C= Basic I could figure it out but php is not my bag. Maybe a dev with some time on their hands might want to incorporate In-House codes into the Ledger. But it might be tricky since they are so variable. Maybe include it if it has a fee or something?
Sorry it’s not working for you!
Best- Harley

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I’ll do it if you add an Account Payable to me! :slight_smile:

Just kidding…

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LOL. Maybe if i figure out how to add an account payable to me I’ll add one for you too.

I looked a some of the code related to the ledger. I didn’t see any where, where it was excluding or specifically including any “type” of billing code. I probably didn’t look at everything. I’ll keep digging.