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How to setup the portal from the back end, patient forms, consents etc

Is there a link to a how-to or tutorial for how to set up the portal? I am not able to get into it. Is there a way to set up the forms from inside the openemr install?
I am referring to the onsite portal.

go to Miscellaneous->Portal Dashboard to manage

I can’t find it for some reason

From the portal end, I can get this far but I am not able to log in either.

here’s where a patient credentials would login; you can generate those from inside your openemr

this is my miscellaneous screen:

I don’t have a dashboard!

think that’s Globals, should be a Misc category on the top navbar

Oh snap, you are right!
I am getting an:
Oh Snap!

from the wiki entry you found before:

Physician portal in OpenEMR is at Miscellaneous->Portal Dashboard (note that because of session issues, you can not open the patient portal and this gui at the same time in the same browser).

So, to setup the patient portal, what should I do?
I would like to add the patient registration, demographic, authorization, insurance information, HIPAA authorizations and initial clinical forms.
Then I would like to send them an email link for them to set up their profile, complete the forms and sign them in preparation for their visit.
I am willing to do a write up for the wiki with instructions afterwards.

open the patient portal in chrome and openemr in firefox or vice versa

But how do I do that without logging into openemr first?
Do I login to openemr then copy and paste the link in the address bar into firefox? Is that what you mean?

Then I get this message:
Site ID is missing from session data!
I’m sorry, I feel so dumb!

I am getting this:

You may want to try returning to the the previous page and verifying that all fields have been filled out correctly.
If you continue to experience this error please contact support.

What would be the link to use to get into the portal dashboard?

you can play around on the demos and find some patient accounts that are already set up

yes, great idea

I wonder if my installation is incomplete.