How to set UI to Frame layout mode in version 6

This question may have asked before but the search did not get me any answer. How do i set the UI layout to a frame style as in version 5?

Bye Bye Frames, take 3 (#2608) bradymiller committed on Aug 24, 2019

Project bid goodbye to Frames 2 years ago to lots of cheers and couple of tears.

@mdsupport Thank you for the update but extremely sad this happen. In my opinion, it should have been left in there. It is always required as a responsive alternate for mobile devices (hamburger menu). Many of the business users are very happy when sidebars came along as it gave a consistent menu on desktop and mobile devices.

Anyway, have to accept and hope users do not complain.

If you scan this forum, there have not been persistent complaints about menu issues you are facing. Many of our desktop users actually complain about large blocks of unused spaces. Based on my understanding if you use low res monitors bootstrap will respond by collapsing the menu. However that is just the tip of iceberg as a lot of “normal” html output will flow out of viewport requiring horizontal scrolling. That, like frames, is developers taking easy route and making clinical users spend extra seconds thousands of times a day. Those costs easily outweigh spending bit more to get better and bigger displays.

Hopefully you will contribute some new solutions that you come up to address your users’ complaints.


Thank you for the advise. I am not sure how much time has been spent by developers watching user (doctors) response to their app UI. In our case, which is the medical community in Malaysia, the users show that when we deliver the tabbed style, they throw their interaction to the nurses. When we switched back to sidebars they were very happy as the mode is similar to the tab devices they carry around. Medical practitioners in Malaysia can get really stubborn.

Oh well, its ok. We will create the mobile apps for them.