How to set default appointment facility to patient's care facility

In the patient demographic section under the choices tab there is a setting for the facility that the patient will go to.

Is there a way, when you create an appointment, the facility will default to the facility in the patient’s demographics? I’m wondering if that is already built into open emr and I just don’t know where the checkbox is to activate it.

If you don’t find it in the config, it most likely did not get connected anywhere. There are times when good ideas are adopted into the system with no application of the idea. It is left to future developers to utilize the feature. I just did that with the user profile. In the user profile, there is a setting for “authorized.” One of the settings is “See Mine Only”. This setting was not applied anywhere in the codebase. It has been there since the beginning but not utilized anywhere I could find in the codebase.

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I’ll dig in and see if that might be the case. Thanks.