How to send/save FHIR structured data into openEMR?


(Shakogele) #1

Hello EveryOne,

I am sending a data to ‘http://domain/apis/fhir/Patient’ using post request,
I am sending FHIR object in JSON, and server responds with 200 OK, however the data is not saved into DB.

I tried http://domain/apis/api/patient and it works (in plain JSON) however I want to send only FHIR structured data.

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong / or how to find a solution for my issue?

Thanks In Advance,
Kind Regards

(Jerry P) #2

Current Fhir api doesn’t allow create or updates(Post/Put). You’re more than welcome to add to the api services if you’re in a developers frame of mind. :slight_smile:

(Shakogele) #3

Thanks for your answer,
Actually I already looked at the code and find out that it’s not supported, however it can be implemented.
I’ll write a code to implement Fhir Observation POST/PUT method, which is the only thing we need for now.