How to send data from OpenEMR to Epic/Cerner?

I have some vital device that send data to openEMR. And I want to share these data on EPIC/Cerner as well.

Could you please help like how can i connect with epic to share data from openmer to epic?

Probably need to use the FHIR api. Epic will require you to register an application using their Orchard program as far as I know to even be able to start talking to them.

Thanks Stephen for you message.

I am using system based backed application. But there is no way to create a encounter in fhir. Because we need to map encounter number with vital measurement readings.

You’re trying to create the encounter in OpenEMR via FHIR, or create the encounter in Cerner or Epic via FHIR?

I believe Cerner and Epic both let you create encounters via FHIR but they will review your app pretty heavily if you are requesting write scopes.

Am creating encounter in epic with FHIR. But as per their document, it would only be possible by CDS Hook. But there is no testing environment/sandbox for CDS hook.

I’m not sure I’m understanding your problem. If you are trying to create encounters inside of Epic or Cerner you need to work with their support / community to figure out how to do that or contact a consultant with experience in working with their FHIR apis.

If you are trying to create encounters in OpenEMR, that is something we can discuss here.