How to see the Check Out Time in Flow board?

(shankar) #1

After creating appointment to the patient,
In Flow board ,at what condition or process to see the time under checkout time column

siva shankar.G

(ViSolve) #2

@siva ,
• Go to Administration->Lists
• Search for Appointment status in drop down.
• Appointment status will be displayed. Activate the check out(Enable to see check out time in flow board) option for status you need.
• The checkout time can be displayed by assigned its value in following file.
interface/patient_tracker/patient_tracker.php line:853(appx)
Note:Add the below code

<?php if(is_checkout($status)) { $to_time = strtotime($newend); $from_time = strtotime($datetime); $display_check_out = round(abs($from_time - $to_time) / 60, 0); echo text($display_check_out)."(min)"; }?>


(shankar) #3

thanx to answer,
but i did wat ur suggested ,my concern is when i am see the checkout in flow board

(ViSolve) #4

Hope the below screenshot will provide you a detailed description.

  1. The Checkout for a status (Example: Reminder done) is not enabled
  2. So checkout time will not be displayed
  3. Enabling the Checkout for the status (Reminder Done)
  4. Now you can able to view checkout time in flowboard.


(shankar) #5

Thanx for reply,

As u say i followed same steps eventhough i didn’t get checkout time,
can u please make sure