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How to remove the 'Invoice' column on the 'Collections Report' and fix columns alignment?


I am using OpenEMR_5.0.1_Ubuntu-Debian_Package_Installation_with_PHP7.
I wanted to ask how we can remove the ‘Invoice’ column on the ‘Collections Report’?
Also, the texts under the ‘Charge’, ‘Adjust’, ‘Paid’, ‘Balance’ columns have a shifted to the right (as shown in the picture). Any ideas on how to fix that?



There is need of come code customisation to remove invoice from collection report.

Remove the lines mentioned below.

Line no:997

 <?php echo xlt('Invoice') ?>

Line no:1149

<?php echo empty($row['irnumber']) ? text($row['invnumber']) : text($row['irnumber']); ?>

Hope this may help you