How to print out the order / specimen label after procedure order is e-signed?

It looks like once the order is issue and e-signed. It’s locked from editing, also not the access to print order page or the specimen labels?

@Bo_Wang most of these things need to be done before the order is signed. E-signing should not block printing the specimen labels. There are a couple of places where labels are printed. It depends on if you are using the inhouse lab or LabCorp or Quest. Each has a different location for the specimen label.
If you are using the inhouse lab, go to Popups on the top level menu and select bar code label or address label. Either of those can be used for the specimen label. It depends on what you want on the specimen label.

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Thank you Sherwin! @juggernautsei
Did a quick search but didn’t see where one can configure the contents/layouts of labels. I guess they are hard coded in the php files? thx…

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If the specimen label needs to be printed after E-signing the order, you might need to check the configuration. Labels are typically printed before E-signing. For in house labs, you can use the Popups menu for bar code or address labels. If you need to edit or customize label layouts, I guess it might be might be hardcoded in the PHP files. You might need to tweak those for specific changes!