How to open a locked visit summary after locked by esign

I was able to lock the summary or encounter by esign.but could not reopen it or remove the lock after that.from where can i do that?

That can be done by editing the database. This is probably not the best thing to do though.

If you go to menu Admin->Globals then E-sign tab there is a setting called “enable lock toggle”. I don’t have that enabled in my system but I’ve often wondered if that would allow the encouters to be locked and unlocked by pushing a button.

Maybe give that setting a try and see what happens.

I did that, but its always showing locked only.

If you click the button that shows “locked” does it change that button or open a window that gives you some option to unlock it?

onclick locked nothing is popup no new window opening.

if you want to try the database route, you’ll need to change the “is_lock” field of the esign_signatures table to a 0 (zero) for the proper row.

I could be wrong but I think the encounter number is the ‘tid’ number in the esign table. If you are wanting to unlock a specific form in an encounter then there is a more difficult process to go through to get the ‘tid’ number you need to identify the proper record in the esign_signatures table.

As always, backup your data before changing anything directly in the database. In case the change that you make cause the software to become unfunctionable.

ok…thanks for the help.but I dont want to use the database route.because i want to let the user lock their notes and reopen it only by them .

I understand. When a note is locked you’re supposed to be able to add an addendum to the note. That’s what we do here. Someone else will have to chime in if there is a way to unlock the note from the user interface.

As a thought, if you can’t unlock it, create a new encounter/note with the corrected info then delete the old one.