How to note a self-pay patient

What is the preferred method to record a self-pay patient when entering a patient?
Should you select ‘Undefined’ under the insurance option?

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I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.2

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Hello @topnoch -
If the pt truly has no insurance, yes you’re right, you’d want to set the ‘Primary Insurance Provider’ dropdown to ‘Unassigned’ in the patient Insurance information just to prevent random info-accidents.


Once the patient record is created and the patient comes in for an appointment, payment can be accepted, usually as their last stop leaving the appointment. But even insured patients can self-pay for services if they choose. Payments are accepted in both the ‘Payment’ and the ‘Checkout’ features.

‘Payments’ (oval below) found in the Main Menu ‘Fees’ item, is designed to take payments on the pt’s account. It opens ready to accept an insurance payment and by default assumes it’s going to be the co-pay (arrows)

However if you change ‘Insurance’ to ‘Self’ the display changes and the payment will be applied to the encounter balance.
Screenshot at 2023-11-16 14-58-25

The ‘Fees/ Checkout’ screen, on the other hand, is built to take payment on the current encounter balance. Insurance payment is not one of the options in the Checkout module.

Hope that’s helpful- Harley

Hi Harley,
That was more than helpful. Thank you very much, that answered everything & more.
Take Care.