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How to move an LBV form and its lists between systems?

Hi. I’ve created a LBV form on a test server and now I want to move it to a production server.

This page:

"Take a look at the list_options table, on page 5 (of the dropdown list in the database) beginning page-dropdown list of pages around number 30 and note the last field.

Do the same for the layout_options table, page 5 (of the dropdown list in the Database) beginning page-dropdown list around of pages around page 5 and note the last field."

Where is “page 5 (of the dropdown list in the Database)”? - page 5 of what? What database has drop-down lists?

This is incomprehensible to me: “beginning page-dropdown list of pages around number 30”?

Any help in deciphering this would be very much appreciated, thanks.

OK so I’ve come to understand that the above exists within an understanding that one will be using phpMyAdmin, without explicitly saying so, and uses examples that are potentially specific to how things appear on the author’s own system.

It so far seems to me that I can move a LBV form between systems by:

Export the LBV form on server A:

sudo mysqldump --no-create-info --opt --quote-names -u openemr -p --where="form_id in ('<NAME OF LAYOUT>')" openemr layout_options > OpenEMR-LBF.sql

sudo mysqldump --no-create-info --opt --quote-names -u openemr -p --where="grp_form_id in ('<NAME OF LAYOUT>')" openemr layout_group_properties > OpenEMR-LBF-index.sql

Import that LBV form on server B:

mysql -u openemr -p openemr < OpenEMR-LBF.sql

mysql -u openemr -p openemr < OpenEMR-LBF-index.sql

The part I’m still having trouble with is how do you move a list between systems?

Export the list from server A?:

sudo mysqldump --no-create-info --opt --quote-names -u openemr -p --where="list_id in ('yes_no_n_a')" openemr list_options > OpenEMR-list-used-by-LBF.sql

Import the list to server B?:

mysql -u openemr -p openemr < OpenEMR-list-used-by-LBF.sql

However this list doesn’t show up in Administration > Lists?

Is there a step I’m missing? Is there some kind of index to the lists that I need to copy part of?
Thanks in advance

Those lists that have moved from one system to the other do show up when using the form / layout in the encounter area, but just don’t show up in Administration > Lists.

Hi. In the LBF-form designer, you create fields. It can be text, list, or another type.
Every fifth field begins with a new line. The LBF-form is transformed into a table of four cells per row.
LBF form is only suitable for simple forms.

Sorry I don’t see how this is an answer to my question. Maybe you misunderstood. No worries.

I figured out that the missing piece of the jigsaw was that the index appears to be created by an additional list_options record where list_id=“lists” and option_id = .

My question now is:

In list_options, I understand that “seq” (where list_id = the name of the list) is the sequence that the list items appear in; but how is “seq” (where list_id = “lists”) used?

I’m concerned about this value, when copied from one server to another, where I don’t know how it will be used.

One server I have for example has “seq” being numerous instances of 0, 1 and 3, then distinct values of 3-28,33,45,60,221,297,298,305-310.