How to migrate openemr from one computer to another

hi, I have moved my openmr 5.0.0 (windows) from an old PC to a new laptop (same version and same xampp). The installation is perfect, but when I load the database openemr.sql loads the database but gives an error

Need text or screenshots of the error(s) to give better suggestions for troubleshooting, but…

2 things you’ll want to verify to get started:

  1. Make sure that the PHP version in your new XAMPP install is the same as previous, as OpenEMR version 5.x won’t work on PHP > 7.3
  2. If you’re restoring the entire database, then the new (empty) database needs to be created and have working access credentials on the new XAMPP host in order for the SQL functions to be able to re-create and populate the table space.

you will have to create a database on ur new pc, import the database from ur old pc into this new pc database.

next you will have to change the name of the database in your sqlconf file of open emr on new pc to this new database.

your sqlconf.php file will be in your new pc open emr folder/sites/default folder.

it should work. :slight_smile:

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xampp version is same on the old computer

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@Leonidas_Chertcoff PHP version and mysql should be compatible with the version of openemr your trying to install on new computer.

I can’t see your image, but I drscribe steep to steep the procces.
1 backup databases from phpmyadmin from old PC
2 backup users of databases from phpmyadmi from old pc
3 import dabases and its users to new pc(The version of xampp must be equal or greater than the one used on the old PC)
4 copy folder of openemr from old pc to htdoc in new pc

Thats all

Pl paste the error. That will help.