How to mark patients as inactive?

What do people do in order to mark patients as inactive, that may in future become active again, but that need until then to not show up in reports? OpenEMR only seems to have the ability to mark people as deceased.

This has been discussed at the following page:

Inactive/Active Patient Indicator

…but without practical-enough resolution for me.

And this page:

Administration Lists

…says: “User Defined List 1 … Rather than do this, however would recommend instead making a New List in Administration->Lists module.”

…but that doesn’t describe how to actually make use of that new list.


If you would not track deceased status for inactive patients, use that standard field but do a custom translation as ‘Deceased’ to ‘Inactive’. In the deceased reason (now inactive reason) you can mark if the inactivity is due to death.

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@mdsupport That seems a simple and effective solution, thanks I’ll give it a try

Hi @PeteBoyd,

Another suggestion would be the add one field from the layout based form activity status and add the value inactive and active in added field. If patient inactive while search patient from openemr search you can do row for patient is red means you get the idea that Deceased and also demographics page for that patient you can added the Deceased as button with red color side of patient name.