How to integrate the Google calendar, what the best way?

I want to integrate the Google calendar with the OpenERM calendar. I have experience with Wordpress and other CMR, but I’m a beginner in the OpenEMR.

How will be right, create the Zend module for it or modify the OpenERM code? If I’ll modify the code, will I possible to update the code in the future?

The feature what I need:

  • add the email address to the patient;
  • add google settings to the user settings;
  • get any OpenERM API or hooks - when the calendar record created.

Can you give me any doc URL for the create modules?

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For anyone else that runs across this thread here is the developer resources to accomplish this.

Here I am again playing with this idea of connecting the Google calendar with the OpenEMR system. The only way I have found to do this is to build a module that does through the Google OAuth2 process to receive a token to communicate with the Google account holders calendar.

I am testing the waters to see if there is any interest in this at all to support the build-out of this feature.
If you are interested in seeing this feature built, please post comments below.

Hi Vladimir_Gubarenko

you can refer below attached link to know about Integrate google calendar

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Hi @Vladimir_Gubarenko , I have worked with one of the clients for the same requirement recently.
We integrated Google OAuth2 for the authentication and the OpenEMR calendar event was integrated with the Google calendar using API that creates an event in the google calendar, relative notifications and reminders can be sent to the patient as well as the provider. Also created a view where the provider’s all google calendar events can be seen within the OpenEMR itself. Please let me know if you would like to have a quick demo for the same.


Hello good day, could you show us how to do it?

@Ducketzon sure let me know when can we connect and I can show you the demo