How to Install phimail certificate in AWS Instance of OpenEMR

We have installed a version of OpenEMR Express from the AWS Marketplace. We are quite interested in getting Direct Messaging going… We need some information on how to install the file “phimail_server.pem” into the specific instance of this installation…

The instructions say to install as follows:


But we are not sure where the [installation_root] is on our EC2 Instance within AWS? Is there anyone that could help us with this?

Installation root should be the folder where openemr is installed.

So if you are using the Open EMR version from AWS it is most likely running in a docker container, so you would need to do a few things.

  • Get the pem file into the EC2 instance via sFTP or some other method
  • log in to your EC2 instance via ssh
  • run sudo -i
  • run docker ps -a to find out which is your openemr docker container
  • run the following command
docker cp [certificate.pem] [containerID]:/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/sites/[site_id]/documents/phimail_server_pem/
  • replace [certificate.pem] with the path of where you copied the pem on your EC2 instance so for example if you copied it to the home folder it would be: /home/certificate.pem
  • replace [containerID] with the container id you get from running docker ps -a
  • replace [site_id] with the side id if you only have a single site this should be set to default
  • and once you run this command after replacing all those values it will be in the right directory

Good luck

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Thank you so much for answering the call! I will post here after we have given these instructions a go…

Damian J Kiska
Sr. Interoperability Solution Architect
Roche Information Solutions

No problem, glad to help :wink:

It worked! My colleague, Todd Lomaro, and I were able to follow your directions and engage with the DirectMessage sandbox/test system… We really appreciate your help! Please look me up on LinkedIn, and I would be glad to connect with you.

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@Damian_Kiska glad to hear it worked :+1: