How to import patient data by uploading CCR XML?

Hi All,

I am trying to Import patient data using the Patients/Clients -> Import > Upload.

I upload a previously download CCR document from another openemr instance.

I am following this steps,

Steps for uploading CCR XML

  1. For an existing patient, go to Patient Summary->Documents. For a new patient, go to Miscellanous->New Documents.
  2. Upload the xml file under the category CCR.
  3. After Uploading, click Import.
  4. Approve the patient from Patient/Client->Import->Pending Approval.

But after uploading the CCR file,I am unable to find the ‘Import’ option and also the pending approval list is empty.

How to import patient data by uploading CCR XML ? Please help me to find a solution.

Hi @sinothoma

CCR XML import can also done in Modules->Carecoordination.

There you will find the import option.

Hope this may helps you.


Let’s update how this works.
Make sure you have the Care Coordination module installed correctly.

Open module and select import. On that page select the upload button to the far right.
Select all the files you want to import. Yes, you can import in groups of files now.
Select the button to the far right that looks like a person to import the record into the system.

If you are doing a lot of these at one time, I have experienced the page faulting. Just close the page and open it again. The uploads will still be there. You will be able to continue where you left off.