How to import Bulk Data into open emr, via JSON or CSV files

We are using openEMR platform, and currently we are looking for adding bulk patient information into openEMR. We found the details only for adding single patient record, It would be great if someone suggest us a way to import bulk data into openEMR using JSON or CSV format.


Currently the feature is not available in OpenEMR. If you have data in csv or excel file, you can write an script to extract the details from the file and make an corresponding insert to the tables. We suggest that script will make your work simpler.


Thanks for your quick response. we will try that solution and get back here if we run into any issues.


I have written several scripts recently that import patient data from a .csv file. If you are still having issues, I can offer my services to you.

Thanks Daniel, for your help. I was able to generate the file and am able to add data. Thanks everyone for your help.

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Dear all,
I also have a csv of patient demographic file that I would like to use to import bulk patients. My concern is the uuid in the Table: patient_data. If I manually add a patient in phpMyAdmin it does not generate uuid and if I manually add a uuid it does not have a hyperlink.

Appreciate any help.

Version Number: v6.0.0

You would need someone to write an import script for you. I can do that. Feel free to PM me and we can discuss compensation since it will take between 4 - 6 hours of writing the script and testing it.

I found the script example_patient_data.sql that did what I am looking to do but non of the patients has uuid, what is this column is used for?


After you import your patients via csv or whatever mechanism. Run sql_upgrade.php just as if you have done an upgrade. It will go through and create those UUIDs.

Or just ignore that field as it is used mostly for APIs and will be created if the UUID is needed when used.