How to hide fields patient registration(self registration) screen

I see a lot of fields on the patient self-registration screen. I would like to know how to hide fields and selections like insurance from layout, I don’t see a layout defined for patient self registration layout

Hello @mana_chandram
If you’re a php dev I’m sure you could locate the the php file on your openemr server and edit the undesired items out. However, I am not a dev, so I took another method.

The registration pages of the portal take their contents from the EMR’s Demographics layout. That layout determines which fields are used in the EMR so I thought it might also determine if they are used in the portal registration.

I decided to try to eliminate the fields, Title, SSN and Marital Status (which in my demo happens to be throwing an error, but that doesn’t matter) from the Portal Registration page.

In the Demographics layout (found from the main menu, 'Administration/ Forms/ Layouts) those fields corresponded to Name, Marital Status and S.S. So I changed their ‘UOR’ column setting to ‘Unused’.

Sure enough, those fields now do not appear in the portal registration.

In my opinion it would be preferable to be able to leave those fields available to the EMR even when they’re not in the Portal Registration screen, or to be able to exclude entire sections of the registration inputs instead of individual items. But this is a work-around that may be suitable for you.
Best- Harley

Layouts had an Exclude in Portal option but someone removed it and broke portal!!!
lol, guess if I turned on portal first I’d see the option. My bad.:slight_smile:

To keep the use of the options in main OpenEMR use the Exclude in Portal option in Layouts editor.


@jerry @htuck thanks a lot for your suggestions

Thanks, @sjpadgett, I learned something cool today!

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