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How to give access to patients

I have enabled the patient portal for patients using Admin -> Globals -> Portal and check “Enable Onsite Patient Portal”. What should I give for Onsite Patient Portal Site Address? Do I have to host another site like this https://your_site_address/openemr/portal?

I have tried creating offside portal credentials. When I try to access by giving the username, the password generated for a specific patient it says “Invalid Login”. It happens for each and every patient.

Could you please suggest me documentation or a solution for this matter?


Once you enable Enable Onsite Patient Portal mentioning address in Onsite Patient Portal Site Address field is optional.You can access the onsite patient portal by giving for eg: http:localhost/openemr(name of OpenEMR instance downloaded)/portal.

To get patient portal credentials follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Enable patient portal for particular patient in demographics page(Demographics->choices->Allow patient portal).

  • Click create onsite credentials button in demographics page.You will receive the credentials .use the credentials to login to onsite patient portal.

Hope this may help you.