How to get patient signatures on electronic documents in oemr?

We’re trying to reduce the number of pieces of paper that get handed around. We’re down to the ones that require a patient signature.

My question has 2 parts.

Part 1 - If can make an encounter form. From reading other posts i believe it’s possible that i can somehow add a signature field to the encounter form. Am i correct in that?

Part 2 - How do I collect the patients signature? If i get the signature field in the encounter form, do i just hand them the computer mouse and have them sign the form? Or is there some sort of signature pad i can connect? Or use a tablet for the signature? Just curious what the current options are.


Hi @bearzillasquatch ,
Yes , it is possible to add signature field to the encounter form.To enable the signature in the encounter form follow these steps:
After logging in to Openemr, navigate to admin → config → E-Sign → select the checkbox to allow e-sign on entire encounter.
This will allow to sign on encounter form.This uses the password to add signature to the encounter form.

Also you could refer this thread Using the Signature Pad in Custom Forms Example - #24 by J_R for adding custom signature pad module .
And for a clarification, when you mention patient signature, do you want something like docusign or Adobe e-signature or one available in the openemr with password?

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I should clarify what I originally posted. We have forms that we ask the patients questions. Then we have the patient sign the form to indicate that they agree with what is on the form. These are paper forms right now.

So ultimately what I’m hoping to do is have these forms be electronic only, in the emr. So what we would do is ask the patients the questions and fill the form out on the computer in emr in the encounter. Then have the patient sign the form (not one of the users) with a physical signature.


I have a feature for getting scripted signatures in patient documents and LBF. Originally for the portal I added to LBF and the ability to add to other forms by adding a custom tag input to existing forms.
One workflow is to create a document template form and assign to patient in portal dashboard then use my feature from the patient documents UI to bring up the form and have patient sign. Mostly used by reception for hippa/intake forms and is used by one clinic I know of extensively.
Or simple modify the encounter forms in question by adding one or both of these tags

<img class="signature form-control" type="admin-signature" id="adminSignature" onclick="getSignature(this)" alt="<?php echo xlt('Signature On File'); ?>" src="">
<img class="signature form-control" type="patient-signature" id="patientSignature"
						onclick="getSignature(this)" alt="<?php echo xlt('Signature On File'); ?>" src="">

I have an example of using this somewhere on the forum.

From documents:


@sjpadgett I found the example that you had in a different forum message. I downloaded the zip file and have looked at the code. It doesn’t seem too difficult to add the signature part.

That info answers part 1 of my question. I’m pretty sure i know the answer to part 2.


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A tablet comes to mind which is what others have used. At one time I was going to develop an app to collect the form something like a kios. I do have the ability using document templates to send the form to an email or SMS as a onetime link that takes patient directly to the form and then post results back to portal audit.

There is a lot of cool stuff with documents and questionnaires I haven’t yet documented very well and am still working to improve. Hopefully with community support.