How to get my old id here back?

Hi all,
my old email id xpindia AT gmail . com got hacked , the hacker changed the pwd, recovery ph, email, deleted all my medical videos worth yrs of hard work n recording, deleted all google photos, ph contacts etc.
Unfortunately i was using that email id at so many places to login, like here open emr.
I have filed a police (cyber) complaint as well, as my information can be misused on any social platform… n much more.

Can anybody guide me how i can reset my account email id here on the forum to jamesheartcareATgmail. com?

the hacked old email id was xpindia AT gmail. com, if u send an email to this it bounces back saying the email id does not exist.

Dr Robert

Thanks Admins, my issue is solved successfully. Happy to see my opd posts linked to my new id :slight_smile: