How to find developers for OpenEMR?

How do you find developers that can install and do some custom coding for OpenEMR?


Hi Roger Davis
You can refer below attached link to know about openemr codes
Code Types - OpenEMR Project Wiki


@rogerdavis if the customization that you need isn’t super secret you can just create a post specifying what you need done. I’ve seen others here offer their services to clinics that need help.

Also, maybe in the title of your post you lead off with “request for developer” then state a short description. That way people that just skim the titles who are able to help can spot the post.

Also there is a help wanted category. I just noticed that. Probably post your request there.

Good afternoon,

We have a page on our wiki with various vendors that can provide services (see Professional Support - OpenEMR Project Wiki)

Additionally, you can solicit help in the forum category Help Wanted

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Hi, I am a OpenEMR Developer. Let me know how i can help you. Contact me