How to Enter Insurance information for existing patient in 5.0.1

How do I enter insurance information for an existing patient in 5.0.1? I know how to enter insurance information for a patient when you first create a patient. I’m stumped as to where to enter the insurance information if it was not put in when the patient is already existing (without any insurance information previously entered). When you create a patient you have a section for insurance. Once the patient exists, there doesn’t seem to be any section with insurance information if the patient’s insurance information was entered initially.

Open patient record. Next to Demographics (just below Billing) on the left, or just below that you should see Insurance. click on Edit.
Add insurance Data.

Thank you very much for your guidance as to where to expect to be able to enter the insurance.
However, there is no “Insurance” in that region or anywhere on this page.

Here is what is there:

Doe, Joe
History | Report | Documents | Transactions | Issues | Ledger | External Data
Billing (collapse)

Patient Balance Due : 0.00
Insurance Balance Due : 0.00
Total Balance Due : 0.00
Billing Note:MEDICARE 999999999A

Demographics (collapse)
Name: Doe, Joe External ID: 9
DOB: 11/26/1888 Sex: Male
S.S. License/ID:
Marital Status: Widowed
User Defined:
Billing Note: MEDICARE 999999999A

This is a relatively new installation and database. Perhaps there is something not configured properly? Any more suggestions?

Thank you,

If a patient doesn’t have Insurance or a carrier you need to click on the EDIT button for Demographics and then an Insurance sub area will reveal.

Even in “Edit” mode of Demographics, for some reason my screen doesn’t show the “Insurance” Submenu (there is nothing below the “Billing Note” field… except white space)

Hi @Ralf_Lukner ,

Do you have the following setting turned on?



That was the problem. Once I unchecked #Simplified_Demographics, the insurance fields re-appeared.

Thank you!