How to enter different versions of HCPCS item on fee sheet

New user here.

We need to bill for dialysis solution. There’s just one HCPCS code for a package size, e.g., A4721 for 1000 to 1999cc. But in that size range there can be different concentrations and they are all priced differently. How do others go about dealing with this issue on the fee sheets? We can’t enter duplicate HCPCS in Codes. Use NDCs?


hi @terryb9 , might have to use NDCs but that won’t help with the price. Can you add multiples of those codes and vary the description and price for easy selection?

edit: I guess you can’t after testing so this is going to take a little looking into…

good news, the field code is not a unique index in the codes table :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking and testing.

I saw that the “code” keyname was not unique in MySQL, so apparently that duplicate check is something programmatic?

I guess I could slog through the code and try to find out and turn it off. Then repeat for every version update.

But was really hoping people had a better solution.

could you set the fee to the highest price?