How to Edit the recall board appointment

(shankar) #1

After created recall board appointment , how to edit the data if want,


(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

I thought it was possible to just “left-click” on a row and bring it up. My recall list is very long, and, thus, the behavior appears to be very slow if it works at all. A simple way is just to go to the dashboard for the patient and “left-click” on the link for the recall under the appointments.
Hope that helps,

(shankar) #3

Thanx for replay,

but my concern is after created apppointment through recall board, how to change the data in that page

assume first screenshot created the appointment ,and next second screenshot ,filtered the apppointment using date it displayed the appointment,now how to change the apppointment data

example: i want change the recall reason or date, contact number etc,