How to delete a post

There is no function for a user to delete a post.

Are you trying to delete a Topic or a Post?

I am not sure of the difference. But like this entry. I changed it to this because the original question was answered and I did not want to leave it out here for someone to stumble upon. But, I could not see a way to delete the topic I had posted.

So, how would I delete this post/topic?

Show more option provides bookmark & delete functionality for a post. So one can able to delete a post. But rather we also couldnt able to find option to delete the entire topic.


My account does not share that privilege.

It seems deletion of posts or topics require admin access. I recommend never deleting content (unless it’s an error).

Do remember you can always add an edit to the post stating a solution) OR you can mark another post as the accepted answer to a question (Like you’ll see on this post (Looks like a box with a checkmark inside it - it sits next to the heart underneath this post).

Thanks, I understand never deleting a post. That is why I always try to complete the information in whatever I post. So that anyone coming after me will have the whole story. So often, there are just fragments. And yes fragments can lead to a solution too but it takes longer.