How to define a default font style in Nation notes

(Dr Torabi) #1


I have to do all adjustments for font, font size, font style and etc. every time I open a NationNotes Field. Is it possible to change default setting of NatioNotes?

For example I want set font size of 24 for all NationNotes.

Thanks a lot.

(ViSolve) #2

Do you wish to change the font size, style in the below screen?


(Dr Torabi) #3


Yes. But I want change the default setting.
For example when I start typing the, I like the software automatically types with these settings:
RTL direction, Font size = 24 and font = Tahoma.
Currently I have to set these values manually each time filling a new form.

Thanks a lot.

(MD Support) #4

From that component’s site , set the ckeditor defaults as follows:

config.font_defaultLabel = ‘Tahoma’;
config.fontSize_defaultLabel = ‘24px’;