How to customize forms

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Hello again,

This time I would like to ask you how to customize/add or remove forms like the eye exam.
I want to add a new one like this but for other exams such as cardiovascular, bone mineral density etc.

Thank you in advance,

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Add/Remove the Eye Exam form

  1. Go to Administration->others->forms.Check whether the Eye exam form is in registered/unregistered category. If it is unregistered, click on register.
  2. Now the Eye exam form will be displayed in the registered category. Click on install DB option to create the fields for the form.
  3. Specify the category under which the form should be displayed. (Eg:Clinical)
  4. Click on the disabled option to make it enabled. Finally click on update.
    Now when you open the Encounter screen, Under Clinical tab you could able to see the Eye Exam form.
    If you want to remove the form, Administration->others->forms, click on the enabled option, Now it turns to disabled and the form will not be displayed.
    Add a new form
    Refer the link which will give you details to how to add a new form
    Let us know if you have further questions.


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@visolve thank you.

I’ve managed to add through CAMOS some forms but I am not sure now how this is going to be displayed on the patients . For example

I want to add these informations to a patient.

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Hope this link will be of help for you. Kindly refer and let us know if you have more questions.