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How to Create multiple in-house Pharmacies

Hello everyone. I am wondering how to create two independent pharmacies in a 4.2 version of OpenEmr. Each pharmacy to allow manual addition of drugs in stock and maintain such stock separately, also to be dispensed from separately. Is this currently possible?

I am running version 4.2 from a server on a windows machine locally. I already have a functional in-house Pharmacy with drugs added manually to cater for insurance patients who don’t have to pay cash. I need to create a second pharmacy for patients that will pay cash at point of service.

Help will be much appreciated.


Unless you purchase and maintain multiple lots for the drugs you do not need separate pharmacies. For each drug create two or more templates and set the price in the field labeled partially as ‘Standard’ which stands for ‘Standard price’.

As example, if you give Tylenol free to some and charge $1.00/ea for some. Then set up Tylenol as single item and create two templates as :
Name: Cash , Qty: 1, Standard: 1.00
Name: Gratis, Qty: 1, Standard: 0

Now you will see two options in fee sheet for Products as : Tylenol/Cash, Tylenol/Gratis.
When you select either, standard price will be copied with option to override.

To maintain separate stock for same item (not clear why you want that), use separate warehouses.

First off, thank you so so much for this remarkable insight. I’m testing your suggestion about creating templates. I thought I needed two pharmacies because I do purchase the same drug and maintain two stocks for two in-house pharmacies (one for patients paying cash and the other for insurance patients ).
I tried using warehouses to keep the stock for the two pharmacies but when prescriptions are made, there seems to be no way to select which warehouse the drug will be dispensed from. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but this could help solve my issue.

Still testing various options to get a working method.
That notwithstanding, your solution is invaluable.
Much appreciated.